The California Business Leadership Network (CABLN) is an extension of the nation-wide US Business Leadership Network (USBLN) established in 1994 by the former President’s Committee on Employment of People with Disabilities, now coordinated through the Department of Labor’s Office on Disability Employment Policy. There are active BLN Chapters in most States—other BLN Websites.
The BLN mission is to “engage the active participation of the business community to enable qualified individuals with disabilities to obtain work and succeed in the workplace.”

In California, the BLN was initiated the California Governor’s Committee for Employment of People with Disabilities. After extensive planning and input from employers, the CABLN project officially began under the leadership of IBM. Widely-recognized for its demonstrated success in including people with disabilities in its workforce, IBM took the key leadership role in developing the BLN in California. The CABLN is currently run jointly by members of Qualcomm, abilityJOBS and ABILITY Magazine